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Clean Green!

A healthy lifestyle is so much more than just diet and exercise.  Our environment contributes to our health as well.  Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency has found that pollutants in the home are up to three to five times higher than outside?!  The chemicals in common household cleaners are the worst offenders – irritants, carcinogenic chemicals and endocrine disruptors are all found in the products we use to clean our homes.

But no more!  It is simple and easy to make your own cleaners and really Clean Green!

Natural green cleanserClean Green Lime Cleaner

Peels from 2-3 organic limes
White vinegar to cover
A mason jar with a lid
A spray bottle

  1. Place lime peels in the mason jar (lemon works as well, or a mixture of both)
  2. Cover with vinegar
  3. Cover with lid and shake well
  4. Store in a cool, dark place for 14 days (shake occasionally for a stronger lime scent)
  5. After 2 weeks, remove lime peels, strain and pour into a spray bottle

Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner, doesn’t leave streaks, removes stains, deodorizes bad odours and is gentle and non-toxic.  So get cleaning green!

Lisa Watson

Dr. Lisa Watson is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a passionate writer and speaker and encourages her patients and readers to embrace their full, amazing, health potential. You can follow Dr. Watson on twitter at @drlisawatson or contact her at

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